An A update: We need your help!!

It has been a little over a year and a half since A was diagnosed with MS and it has been a while since I have done an update.  So how are things going with him?  As you probably know, he left police work several months ago.  It was a tough decision, but just too physically exhausting to continue on and try to maintain any sort of life outside of work.  He is very lucky to have a job now with a company that he worked at straight out of college with an incredibly supportive boss and flexibility with his MD appointments and drug treatments.

It seems like we have finally found a sweet spot with his medications.  With MS, the major medication that you take does not manage symptoms, but slows the progression of MS (there is no cure, and there are no meds that totally stop the progression).  A little over a year ago, A started on a once a month infusion that has worked very well in slowing his disease progression, and he has had no new lesions or relapses since then.  Lately, he has been working with his doc on medications to help with symptom management (the main two being fatigue and insomnia), and after a year and a half struggle, it looks as if he has finally found a medication combo that works.  This last month has been a game changer as far as quality of life.  (Hence, my absence– no time to post when we are off having fun!).

Since July of 2014, when he was diagnosed, we have been flooded with people who want to help us but do not know how.  It seems as if throughout this time, we have been living in a tunnel day by day just trying to get by.  Now that we are hopefully past that point, we are wanting to give back to the MS community and get involved in helping raise awareness and funds for MS research.  Ultimately, we believe there will be a cure in our lifetime, and we want to contribute to this.  We have decided to create a team for Walk MS: Birmingham 2016.  The event will be held on April 9th at Regions Park in Birmingham. What is Walk MS? Walk MS is a charity walk series that takes place in over 550 locations with more than 330,000 people participating annually. The walk started in 1988 and to date has raised more than $920 million to drive groundbreaking research, provide life-changing programs and guarantee a supportive community for those who need it most.  The walk is just one of the events that raises money for the National MS Society.

Our Walk MS team is called #thephillipspack, and we have set a $2000 fundraising goal.  As RunningSouthern readers, you have followed us along this journey and supported us along the way, and I would be honored if you would consider contributing to our goal.  No amount is too small!!  If you would like to contribute, please visit my personal page here.

Thank you for following and supporting us along this journey, and thank you in advance for contributing!